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This page is part of the Getting Started Section. BaseX offers a standalone console mode from which all database commands can be executed. The article on the Database Server provides numerous examples for running commands in the console mode (note that the GUI does not interact with the client/server architecture).


First of all, please launch a standalone version of BaseX: double click on the BaseX icon, or run the basex script. Follow this link for more information (or check out the additional command-line options).

Working with the BaseX Console

After the BaseX Console has been started, the HELP command can be used to to list all database commands. Multiple commands can be separated by semicolons.

To evaluate commands without entering the console mode, you can use the -c option on the command line:

basex -Vc "CREATE DB input <example/>; XQUERY /"

Database 'input' created in 124.95 ms.

Query: /


Result: root()

Parsing: 0.42 ms
Compiling: 9.3 ms
Evaluating: 0.35 ms
Printing: 5.53 ms
Total Time: 15.62 ms

Hit(s): 1 Item
Updated: 0 Items
Printed: 10 Bytes

Query executed in 15.62 ms.

All available command-line options can be found here.