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The conventions for the client functions were revised:

  • The replace and store functions have been renamed to put and putBinary.
  • Existing client implementations are working without changes unless they haven’t been upgraded.

This page is part of the Developer Section. It describes how to communicate with BaseX from other programming languages.

You can use the following light-weight language bindings to connect to a running BaseX server instance, execute database commands and evaluate XQuery expressions.

Most clients provide two modes:

  • Standard Mode: connecting to a server, sending commands
  • Query Mode: defining queries, binding variables, iterative evaluation

Please see the Server Protocol for more information on the available commands. Currently, we offer bindings for the following programming languages:

BaseX 7.x, BaseX 8.x and later
  • Java: The default implementation
  • C++: contributed by Karim Salama (based on SDL2_net)
  • C++: contributed by Jean-Marc Mercier (based on libboost)
  • C#, contributed by the BaseX Team and Martín Ferrari
  • C, contributed by the BaseX Team
  • Golang: contributed by Christian Baune
  • Erlang: contributed by Zachary Dean
  • node.js: contributed by Andy Bunce
  • Perl, contributed by the BaseX Team
  • PHP: updated by James Ball
  • Python: contributed by Hiroaki Itoh
  • Python, using BaseX REST services: contributed by Luca Lianas
  • R: contributed by Ben Engbers
  • Raku: contributed by Wayland
  • Ruby, contributed by the BaseX Team

With Version 8.0, authentication has changed. Some of the language bindings have not been updated yet. The update is rather trivial, though (see here for more details); we are looking forward to your patches!

BaseX 7.x (outdated)
  • ActionScript: contributed by Manfred Knobloch
  • Haskell: contributed by Leo Wörteler
  • Lisp: contributed by Andy Chambers
  • node.js: contributed by Hans Hübner (deviating from client API)
  • Qt: contributed by Hendrik Strobelt
  • Rebol: contributed by Sabu Francis
  • Scala: contributed by Manuel Bernhardt
  • Scala (simple implementation)
  • VB, contributed by the BaseX Team

Many of the interfaces contain the following files:

  • BaseXClient contains the code for creating a session, sending and executing commands and receiving results. An inner Query class facilitates the binding of external variables and iterative query evaluation.
  • Example demonstrates how to send database commands.
  • QueryExample shows you how to evaluate queries in an iterative manner.
  • QueryBindExample shows you how to bind a variable to your query and evaluates the query in an iterative manner.
  • CreateExample shows how new databases can be created by using streams.
  • AddExample shows how documents can be added to a database by using streams.


Version 10.0
  • Updated: The replace and store functions have been renamed to put and putBinary.
Version 8.0
  • Updated: cram-md5 replaced with digest authentication.